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How and what to buy

Purchase of plot, how to make the good choice?

Finding a plot is certainly not an easy task. Different factors such as the geographic situation, your familial situation, your professional activity and even your mode of living are to be considered. How to choose your plot, what are the best choosing criteria and the documents to be submitted?

Purchasing a plot, a choice for the long run

While making the choice for the site location of the plot, you need to ask yourself some good questions. Actually, the purchase of a plot and the choice for the site deserves all attention which you shall give at the moment of choosing an apartment. Apart from the localisation, the proximity of commercial centres, common transport, access to road networks as well as the distance from educational establishment must figure among the first choosing criteria to be verified before engaging in the purchase of your plot. Similar to the purchase of an accommodation, taking into account the orientation and the exposition will be an asset. 

During the purchase of a plot, two options are put at the profit of buyers, for instance the purchase of an isolated plot and the purchase of a housing developing plot. Similar to the purchase of an apartment or a studio, the investment in the purchase of a plot is a guarantee of the perenity of your heritage. By purchasing an isolated plot, you assure yourself of a greater freedom of choice and construction which meets to your wants. However, in counterpart, you need to personally verify the nature of the basement before proceeding to the acquisition. While opting for the purchase in house-development, you will have the right to numerous advantages. In a general case, housing estates are plots situated close to built-up areas  and constructions which will be established are sometimes subdued to strict rules, particularly on the landscape shutter (same roof colour, sides, similar nature of panelling and so on).

How to guarantee your heritage? 

A lot of factors should be taken into account while purchasing a plot. The first precaution to take is to ask for an urban certificate from the town hall. The document will confirm the characteristic of the constructible surface as well as the different architectural norms in force in the locality. You need to solicit the help of professionals like the surveyor. In the same breath, you need to ensure that the surveying report is not out of date. Actually, some information on the subject may not correspond to reality. After the surveyor, the evaluator takes the lead. The latter will inform you on the exact value of your plot which shall serve as argument during the negotiation process between the purchaser and the seller. 

After that, you need to proceed with the valuation of the plot. In all cases, opt for a plot of simple format and prefer a nearly square one so that you benefit from optimal conditions for construction.

It will be suitable, as well, to purchase a flat plot to facilitate construction. In addition, choosing a sloping plot may offer other advantages like a larger surface for construction, benefit from an unimpeded view or even offer yourself an original landscape layout for better integration to the site. However, first of all, it is important to define the nature of the basement. If in a general case, all the basements are heterogeneous, the good ones distinguish themselves from the bad ones. You need to guarantee that your basement is stable and fluid to assure the stability of the foundations of your future house.

The finalisation of the sale

The purchasing procedure of a plot is similar to the procedure of purchasing a real estate plot. You need to proceed with the signature of a pre-contract which will be followed by the signature of the final act. Seeking the help of a notary is a judicious choice. While selling a plot, many sellers seek for a deposit as guarantee which can be given to the notary, which the purchaser will be privileged of choosing given that it will be him who will pay, so that he conserves it till the finalisation of the sales act. The title of property in hand, the notary will verify at the general registrar if the plot is indeed the property of the one who put it on sale.



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