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Who is eligible?

  • An investor (including his spouse and his dependents)
  • A foreign company under the "Companies Act 2001"
  • A Mauritian citizen
  • A company incorporated under the "Companies Act 2001"
  • A society of people whose constitutional act would be submitted to the "Registrar of Companies"
  • A trust where the trustee is duly authorised to do something by the "Financial Services Commission"

IRS projects

  • Allow foreigners to acquire luxurious villas of international class, with infrastructures and high-level facilities, which can cater for golf circuit, marinas, individual swimming pools, restaurants, sports complex and a health centre.
  • IRS residences must be sold at a minimum price of 500 000 USD
  • The person who acquires an IRS residence automatically accesses the status of permanent residence as well as his spouse and other persons to his charge.

RES projects

  • The reglementary framework of the RES is inspired by that of the IRS. It aims, however, at minimal developing areas, of an acre at the minimum and not surpassing 10 hectars.
  • The persons who acquire an RES residence do not have automatically access to residence permit. If they wish, they can seek for a permit concerning other dispositions reserved for this matter, either as an investor, as a professional employee or established by his own account or even as a retired person wishing to stay in Mauritius. It is therefore possible to reside without permit for 6 months in Mauritius.
  • However, the person who wishes to acquire an RES residence of more than $500,000, accesses the status of permanent residency as well as his spouse and the persons at this charge.

IHS projects

  • The IHS is a system created to allow real estate promoters to sell hotel rooms, villas, suites or any other part of a hotel to individual sellers during and after the construction phase.
  • The acquired lot is object of an obligatory renting bail between the acquirer and the hotel exploiter, and this applies for the whole duration of the acquisition.
  • The renting and selling conditions are consigned in the notarized act.
  • This type of acquisition is a pure investment by a locative rent by the key. The revenue is indexed on the rates of hotel accommodation; consequently, even if the lot has not been rented, the owners receive , however, a share of the global revenue of the totality of the lots.


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