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Moving out Services in Mauritius

Moving out in Mauritius

Moving out in Mauritius is a stage important and often full with unforeseen things. If the size of your moving out and the distance allow it to you, it is often more economic to organize oneself its own moving out. However, since it is about a moving out of a large volume or long distance, it is often preferable to let the experts take care of the transport of your goods.

The Councils for your moving out

Prepare your moving out 3 months in advance

Perhaps you will need to obtain a visa, a work permit or to carry out vaccines, or to even cancel certain services with a notice of several months. Draw up a list of what you have to do. While being well organized, you ensure yourselves of the good course of your moving out.

Choose the good remover

The services of a good remover are essential with any project of expatriation in Mauritius. The independent organizations of regulation such as the FIDI will enable you to have a clear idea of the companies of moving out to which you can make confidence. The procedures of quality intern, the variety of packing available as well as an important network are pledges of quality.

Services of moving out in Maurice: 

  • Moving outs of identity
  • AGS Fraser - Numéro – 5254 0020
  • Celero Déménagement – 202 0000
  • SDI Ltd - Numéro – 247 2400

Make the sorting of the businesses be taken along

Separate the goods which you wish to take along to Mauritius of those that you will leave on the spot, in a friend or in a furniture depository. You inform well: isn't it more advantageous to buy effects in Mauritius rather than to take some along with you?

Prevent the risk of breakage

Risk zero does not exist. To subscribe an insurance against the unforeseen damage is recommended. Compare the prices before making your choice.

It is advisable to choose carefully what one wants to carry with oneself. It can be preferable to sell certain goods in France to repurchase the equivalent on the spot. The volume of the objects to be transported being less important, the cost of the moving out will be tiny room of as much. Note that if your residence on Mauritius is a hiring, it is generally furnished and equipped out of apparatuses electric household appliances.

Anticipate your moving out, which will be done by cargo liner of France (Le Havre, Toulon, etc) to Port Louis, so that it coincides as well as possible with your arrival on the spot. It is necessary to count between four and five weeks between the moment when a truck will come to charge your businesses in your French residence and that where those will arrive at Mauritius. The conveyor will indicate an approximate date of arrival to you. You will have to then be on the spot to proceed personally to the taking out of bond in Port Louis.




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