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To obtain a residence permit in Mauritius

According to the Mauritian law, a foreigner can remain in Mauritius for a maximum of 6 months per year within a tourist framework. Or within the framework of businesses a 3 month old visa can be obtained.

To obtain a licence of residence in the Mauritius there exist several solutions:

  1. To buy a property costing more than 500,000$

    At the time of the acquisiton of a good superior with 500,000$ in a real project IRS or LMBO, a foreigner can obtain a licence of permanent residence (of 10years). This permit will give him the right to take up a residence fiscally in Mauritius, under certain conditions (see our article – Tax system).

    This licence remains valid as long as the purchaser is owner of its property. As soon as it has been resold, the owner will not have their residence permit anymore. In the event of acquisition of a property via a civil company (SCI) with several associates, only one of the shareholders (and his family: partner and children) will be able to obtain the title of resident.

  2. To invest in Maurice and create a company.


    One foreigner has the right to create a company and of possess 100% of the authorized capital and to carry on activities in Mauritius as well as internationally. While creating with a company, a foreigner can obtain a residence permit from 3 years renewable. For that they must:

  • Invest 100,000$ in their activity (except purchase of land)
  • To justify of an amount of capital minimum of Rs4,000,000 per year or approximately 100,000 Euros.
  • To answer certain criteria:  not to have legal antecedents, nor previous refusal of residence in Mauritius, to carry out medical examinations, etc

Liberal professions

It also possible to settle in Maurice and to exert a liberal profession (doctor, dentist, consultant, etc) to obtain a licence of 3 year old renewable residence. For that it is necessary:

  • To invest 30,000$ in Maurice for their activity
  • To answer certain criteria: Not to have legal antecedents, nor of refusal of residence former to Mauritius, to carry out medical examinations, etc
  • To obtain the authorizations in its sector (such as the order of the doctors or the dentists…)

Beyond 3 years, a licence of permanent residence of 10 years renewable can be granted after study of the file by the Mauritian authorities, the file will pass to the cabinet of the Prime Minister.





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