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What and how to Rent

Advice for choosing your accommodation

Due to a high demand in the real estate sector, tenants are often brought to choose and to decide quickly during a site visit. It is nevertheless primordial of taking ample time to polish the visits in view of discovering certain aspects and truly evaluating your needs. Here you will find some criteria and steps which will help you finalise your site visit. In this card you will find a questionnaire which can be presented to the backer in order to get a precise and concrete idea on the state of the renting site.

How to make the choice?

Doing a pre-selection on the types and categories of sites which you are looking for is a primordial step before chasing a real estate. The next step consists of proceeding with the site visit which you have chosen. Do not adventure by visiting alone your selections without being accompanied by a professional in the field who has he competence, unless you know the field well. The best way to proceed and efficiently evaluate the rent value of a site is to visit similar sites like a room, a studio or an apartment. It is not advised to opt for the first site figuring on your list, unless you are pretty sure of your choice. It is possible to face situations where visits will be more or less unhealthy but this should not discourage you.

Given that there is a lack of site in certain areas, it is not rare to confront a consequent difference in price and in the quality of site, varying depending on each visit. In this view, it is advisable to establish a comparative grid on the criteria as well as the characteristics of each visited addresses. Choose to proceed to the visit by the end of the day. This will permit you to have a glimpse on the environment which surrounds the site and of the noise at the time when the apartments are occupied.

Important points while visiting

Seven key points determine the choosing criteria of your renting site. Firstly, you need to take into account the common transport access on the situation of your residence. For families or future families, the presence of a corridor should not be neglected whereby a baby pram or a bicycle and so on can be kept. Parking is equally an important factor which will determine whether you will choose or not the apartment if you possess a car. The proximity of shops of primary necessity will be an asset which will optimise the choice of renting site. Other factors like the proximity of a park and green space as well as the presence of a cave, attic or small room will permit to establish choosing criteria of the place you have visited.

Discovering the strengths of a site in itself

Not being the least important, taking stock on used materials, the arrangement of living spaces as well as the conditions of comfort is vital. Generally, the structural state of the apartment, the studio or of the house gives a global impression on your future life. The first question to be asked and then discover the answer afterwards is: are heater and hot water present? To do the best choice, opt for a renting site equipped with an individual gas heater would be ideal. The luminosity of spaces is very important. Living surfaces which are well-brightened are advantages which would help you reduce the monthly electricity bill. Take into account equipment like openings, plumbing and electricity.




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