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Why choose to settle in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a welcoming island with a very diversified population, comprising of various religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism without any apparent antagonism.

Mauritius is situated at 220km from Reunion Island, with frequent links by plane and ship, enabling people to go there easily.

The sanitary system is well-developed, with a free from charge public sector (hospital and doctors) and a paying private sector. There are also two clinics which are subsidised by the Social Security for the French people from abroad.

Concerning language usage in the country, English is the Official Language. But Creole and French are the most spoken language and French in daily life. English is, however, indispensable for all administrative formalities.

Tourism is the principal source of income of the island with more than one million tourists annually. Long ago, the sugar and textile industry were the two principal economies of the country.

The international airport, renovated in 2013, is very much linked to the world, with more than forty flights per week.

Feeding oneself may be very cheap if one eats local food and local products (as from 3 Euros), but imported products, sold in supermarkets, are of the same price, often much more expensive than in France.

The 5 great advantages which will make you settle in Mauritus:

  • The ideal climate with temperatures of 25°C to 30°C in summer, and a cool but pleasant winter with an average of 22 °C.
  • French is spoken by the majority of the population and the medias are mostly in French (newspapers, radios, televisions).
  • The way of living of Mauritians is close to European criterias, be it on the accomodation, infrastructural, shopping, schooling side and so on.
  • The Government has set up a fair policy for foreigners settling in Mauritius, particularly retired persons or anyone desiring to invest in real estate agency in Mauritius, with IRS, RES and IHS programmes.
  • Financial matters is very advantageous, with a unique tax rate on revenues of 15%, there are neither taxes on dividends, the plus values on the capital, nor on the fortune, and succession rights do not exist either.



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